Machine Shop Division

Newly opened at the end of 2016, Jeffords Steel's newest way of helping you "Build it Better" is the addition of our own machining department. Led by long time machinist, Robert Davenport, and equipped with top of the line machinery, our shop offers the knowhow and capability to meet even the most precise and critical project requirements.

Learn about our equipment below and browse a few videos showing these machines in action as well as a link to an article highlighting our latest addition by The Press Republican!


VF 3 CNC Mill

The VF 3 CNC Mill can round, flat, square and thread inner and outer diameters. 20" x 40" x 25" dimensions make this machine great for cams, plates and 3D parts.


SL 20 CNC Lathe

The SL 20 CNC Lathe rounds and squares and is capable of treading inner and outer diameters. 17" x 30" dimensions make this machine great for shafts, bolts and pins.


Manual Lathe

The Manual Lather rounds, squares and does inner and outer threading. 19" x 102" dimensions make this machine great for shafts, journal repair, and hubs.


Bridgeport Mill

The Bridgeport Mill rounds, plates and threads inner diameters. 9" x 48" dimensions make this machine great for baseplates and other rectangular or square objects.


Robert Davenport

Robert Davenport and owner Larry Jeffords describe the capabilities of the machine shop in an interview with our local newspaper, The Press Republican, which you can read here,