Jeffords Steel and Engineering Company was founded by Larry and Judy Jeffords in Plattsburgh, NY in 1985. Jeffords Steel began operating out of a modest 30 x 30 rental space, marketing structural steel products to local contractors.

Since then, Jeffords Steel has grown to over 94,000sq. ft of space.  We employ over 120 workers between two locations (Plattsburgh & Potsdam), while maintaining a full fleet of vehicles which allows us to effectively service northern New York, all of Vermont, western New Hampshire, and northern Massachusetts.

Jeffords Steel and Engineering is certified with the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC).  This certification means Jeffords Steel has been through a rigorous initial evaluation, and is subject to annual reviews by an independent auditor. AISC certification confirms that Jeffords Steel has the personnel, knowledge, organization, equipment, experience, capability, procedures, and commitment to be one of the leading steel fabrication and engineering companies in the northeast

Jeffords Steel and Engineering was built on honesty, integrity, and hard work.  Quality assurance and on-time delivery have always been our trademarks, with customer satisfaction being our primary goal.     

At Jeffords Steel and Engineering upgrades never stop and training never ends. The industry and the world are rapidly changing and this company intends to keep ahead of it!

Vision Statement

To be the uncontested leader in the steel fabrication industry.